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R & D Tax Credits

If your company is taking a risk by innovating, improving or developing a process, product, or service, it could be eligible for a tax break called ‘R&D Tax Credits’. Get in touch for a FREE consultation.

Project Management – P3

We are very experienced in Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (P3).  We are able to consult, support, and deliver across the UK as well as on an international basis.  We specialise in improving performance and P3M3 Maturity reviews.

Get Funding

As a company, we are focused on and passionate about how we can help businesses maximise and improve income through effective business, financial, and systems management.  We can help you access the grants or investment you need.


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Our Company

We support both SME businesses and blue chip companies alike.  We work for your success while keeping you focused on your business or projects.  We tackle the problems that you can’t or haven’t gotten around to dealing with.  Growth needs fuel, so we provide access to funding to bring your business idea, projects, and programmes to life.

We are partners in working with small to medium size businesses and in bringing creative solutions to maximise your potential. Be it projects, business planning or strategy, mentoring or crowdfunding, we have helped many and can help you too.

Have you got a great idea, but don’t where to start?

  • You have started a company and need finance, advice in direction or getting your product to market?
  • You have a great product and need the world market to know about it?
  • You need some sound advice and business development?
  • You would like a pair of senior experienced eyes and hands to support you?
  • Looking for funding for your product launch and next big move?
  • Or just want training on how some social media tools can help you – LinkedIn for instance


Talk to PRODDIO, we can certainly help you with all this and much more besides.  If you innovate or continuously improve your products or services, then we can help you get a larger proportion of your money back from HMRC using the R&D Tax Credit scheme.  Ask us how we can help you do this.

If you hold a UK or EU patent then we can also show you how to just pay 10% corporation tax, not 20%.

Find out how PRODDIO can help your business move forward



A highly qualified and experienced business leader with multi-sector experience at international level. Well versed in Transformational change across multi-million pound programmes and leading organisational change across companies. Accomplished at determining strategy at the highest level and then to drive complex solutions. Experienced in both contract delivery and client procurement. Known for his persistence and presence in pursuing the most incisive inquiries.


– Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management

– Maturity assessments and Forensics/Diagnostics

– Innovation management and routes to market

– Funding – Crowd and grant funding

– Business Change and Business Transformation

– Business Development and Growth

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