UK & European Funding

We have significant expertise and track record in accessing funds

Access to UK & European Funding

Here at PRODDIO we understand how businesses work, whether they be a Small to Medium Enterprise or a Global Corporate, they all share the same simple financial requirements

  • Operating Capital
  • Capital Investment in Plant and Labour
  • Funding to help develop research into new products and markets


We can help you find and access the right funding for you

By working with you PRODDIO can support you to access the funds you need to develop and grow.

We may be able to help you get funded

UK Funding

We have significant expertise and track record in accessing funds for businesses both regionally and nationally, working with the major funding bodies over a number of years to successfully secure and deliver grant funded programmes in Industry, Education and Public Sector organisations.

Innovate UK is the main National Body in the UK

Innovate UK can help you achieve your business objectives and helps drive economic growth. We work with UK businesses of all sizes, as well as universities and other government organisations to help accelerate the journey of new products and services to the market.

There are many more National and Regional funds available across the UK, to many to list.  Each region has a different variety of funds/grants available.

We can also link you with over 850 investors in the UK looking for opportunities – Just like yours!

European Funding

We have successfully worked with partners throughout Europe, collaborating on large bids for Research and Innovation in Scientific, Industrial and Socio-Economics and have the capacity and ability to coordinate, write and manage bids on your behalf.

  • There are some 500 funding streams coming out of the European Union, we would never say we knew them all! However, our track record to date demonstrates that we have an excellent understanding of the funding streams that are relevant to you and your organisation.
  • EU finance helps businesses and entrepreneurs to find funding (loans, guarantees, equity, venture capital) supported by the European Union (EU).

Access2finance EU – Helps you search for money through EU programmes like COSME, InnovFin, Horizon, Creative Europe, Structural Funds, the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation, Research and Innovation funds, microfinance, the EU Investment plan

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Currently, the banks have major issues around their ability to lend, thus restricting business growth which affects profitability and employability. Our experience has enabled us to look at these problems from a different perspective and we look how we can bring capital into the business through a range of methods. Thus far, we have successfully accessed in excess of €100 Million across a wide range of programmes.


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