Innovate UK is launching a new initiative, in focus, to spearhead our work to encourage diversity in innovation and by doing so to boost the UK economy. Women in Innovation is our first action under the in focus initiative.


Innovate UK want to enable and encourage more women to participate in Innovate UK competitions and take advantage of our support. We are running this process to identify 12 women who will benefit from a unique tailor-made package of support. In addition, 4 of these women will also receive £50,000 to further their plans and make a stellar impact in the world of innovation.

The competition is open to any woman in the UK with experience in business innovation. The awards will open for applications on 1 June 2016.

You must register before noon 24 August 2016.

You must apply before noon 31 August 2016. We will announce the winners in Autumn 2016.

Register and apply online at


What Innovate UK are looking for

They are offering 12 women a tailored package of support. In addition, 4 of these women will receive £50,000.

We are looking for women who:

  • have real potential to become leaders in business innovation and/or successful entrepreneurs
  • have exciting ideas that promise significant economic value to the UK
  • are comfortable taking on the position of role model
  • are willing to engage in activities to encourage and inspire other women to get involved
  • have a clear vision for their future and area of innovation they plan to focus on
  • have a plan to use the award money and support to progress that plan
  • have relevant experience of making innovation happen
  • have the capability and personal drive to achieve success


Innovate want the awards to make a real difference and therefore are looking to find women who will benefit significantly from our support and in turn, can make a real impact on innovation in the UK.


Find out if you are eligible to apply

The awards are open to:

  • any woman in the UK with experience in business innovation
  • women working in any of Innovate UK’s 4 sectors
  • a company owner, employee or sole trader/ entrepreneur in any size of business
  • an individual in a position legally and contractually to utilise the grant funding on offer


If you need any support in helping access this grant then please get in touch, we would be happy to help.

  • Don’t forget that if you get the funds we can also help you get further money back through the R&D Tax Credit scheme – a double win.

Thanks for reading.

Stephen Paxton

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